Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 22-24, 2014

Friday night, we enjoyed time outside. Nana and Papa stopped by for a bit and then after they left, I went on a bike ride and Mallory rode her bike outside. By the time we were ready to go in, we were hot and sweaty but had a good time.

Saturday morning, Brian and Mallory went on their Daddy/Daughter morning date and had breakfast at Soulman's. He loves their breakfast buffet and I know Mallory had a good time with her Dad!

When she got home, she showed me what Brian had bought her. She had been needing a new nightgown for a while because she had outgrown her others so they went to Target and they got a Sophia the First nightgown. Mallory was so excited! And it fits!

Brian wanted to mow so I took Mallory and I went to Old Navy to look at some clothes and had fun taking pictures in the dressing room :)

After naps on Saturday, we headed to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Nana and Papa. It was so good as usual! Cinnamon butter - Yes!

Sunday morning was Promotion Sunday at our church! Mallory started her new class downstairs at the Children's Building and I started teaching again in the Student Ministry! 

I'll be honest, Mallory was not happy about going to her new class down stairs. We had talked about it all week and she would get sad about it so I would try to tell her how fun it would be. Even when we got close, I could tell it wouldn't be an easy transition. Change is hard and that was the case Sunday morning. Once I got her in her class and I knew she was calmed down and with her friends, I went into church. I didn't know it was going to be that hard but hopefully it will get better as the weeks go on.

I started my new class, teaching 9th grade girls in our Youth Department and we had a Parent Sunday where the parents met their kid's small group leaders. I walked in and saw my face on a sign with a list of the girls names that were in my class. I was not expecting to see that when I walked in but it was a good way for the parents to find her the small group leader was. It was great meeting the girl's parents and I'm so excited about the year to come!

Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed resting and gearing up for the week. Uncie and Caleb stopped by so we got to give Caleb a hug before he starts his first day as a Freshman today! Can't believe he's a Freshman! Let the High School fun begin!

Speaking of school, I am praying for all the moms and dads sending their kids to school today as well as all of the students, teachers and all school staff! Here's hoping you all have a wonderful year!

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