Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Student Ministry

Starting this past Sunday, I am starting teaching in our church's Student Ministry. I'm very excited about it! I've been assigned to work with 9th grade girls and I already knew one of the girls in my group so I was happy about that. This isn't the first time that I've worked in the Youth Ministry. Back in the mid-2000's I taught 7th grade girls and really loved it! 

The picture above is from Venture with a group of 7th grade girls who are now in college! And yes, my hair was short! Below is a shot of two girls I taught also who are now in college. I loved teaching them - they were so fun!

I stopped teaching when Brian and I got married so we could attend a Young Married Sunday School class that we loved and still love! This past January, we hosted a group of 9th grade boys at our house for Venture. During that time, I could feel the push to get back into helping with the Student Ministry. Being with the boys was fun and Mallory loved having them over at the house. I prayed about it and knew that I was a at a season where I am able to lead to a small group again. I know Mallory is at an age where she will love being around sweet girls and I know as a Mother, I would love for her to have a group of Christian girls to look up to as she gets older.

So, here we go again! I thought Cory had a great idea of making little cards with our name and information to pass out to the parents and students so they know how to contact us. I met with some of the parents on Sunday and am really excited about partnering up with them as we pray and teach these girls this year!

I'm looking forward to all God can and will do this year!


Brettni Brumfield said...

Love the Student Ministry Business Cards! =) You are beautiful inside and out. I know these gals will be blessed by you.

Kati said...

Karlyn liked your picture card...she said, "Amanda." :-) I'm so glad you're doing this. Those girls have a GREAT teacher!

Lyndsey said...

Wow, I love that shot at the football game. I love high school football - we may have to tag along to a rockwall game with y'all this season!

And I'm so excited for you but more excited for your 9th grade girls! You are going to be perfect for them!!