Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: February 28 - March 2, 2014

Here is our fun weekend in a wrap:

Friday night, we headed to dinner with my my lifelong friends, Julie and Jill and their families. I love that we each have a little girl. They are so fun when they get together. Julie is expecting a baby boy in June so it will be fun to add him into the mix! We had a great time visiting!

Saturday morning, my Mom, Mallory and I headed to East Texas for my cousin's wedding shower. It's my mom's first cousin's daughter, Megan that is getting married and I enjoy anytime we can get together! We first went to see my grandmother's room at her new assisted living place. I know she was happy to have some company and to get out for some lunch and family time!

Of course, at the shower, Megan had a little helper to open her presents

As we were getting ready to head home, I was so happy to get such a great picture of Mallory and my grandmother, her great-grandmother. Two of my favorite people together:

We got back home just in time to head to church for a game night with our Sunday School class. I have to say a big Thank You to my husband for cleaning and doing laundry while we were gone. It was so nice to come home to a clean house!  Back to our game night, our church offers free nursery care once a quarter for the Sunday School classes and since there are so many little ones in our class, we try to use it for a couple of hours of child-free time. 

We played some fun games and we ended with Pictionary. I'll just show you the girls score because I would hate to shame the guys :)

Sunday morning, the cold front came through and I wanted to get a picture of Mallory in her hand-me-down coat from her friend Karlyn because I didn't know when it would get cold again. I just love it!

Sunday afternoon, Mallory and I both took great naps while the fire was going, it was thundering and sleeting. The weather was so weird. Once I got all my stuff done to get ready for the week, it was time to settle in to watch the Oscars. I looked and one time saw Mallory with her hand on her hip posing like everyone on the red carpet. I was laughing so hard and she kept doing it all night so I had to get a pic. And then she did this pose to top it all off

We waited and waited and waited for Idina Menzel to perform "Let it Go." I promised Mallory she could watch it but I didn't know it was going to be so end to the broadcast. Thankfully, she took a long nap and we found out that she didn't have to go to school this morning because of the ice so she could sleep in so she got to stay up and watch it. I think she liked it :) She loves doing the moves just like Elsa does during the song.

I had fun watching The Oscars and tweeting along. Even better, that Frozen and "Let it Go" won since that was the only film that was nominated that I have seen - truth!

And that's a wrap on our weekend. Have a great week!


Josh and Shan said...

OMG, her arm movements are awesome!!!

Brettni Brumfield said...

Pictionary! Fun!! And Mallory is hilarious!!

Brettni Brumfield said...

Pictionary! Fun!! And Mallory is hilarious!!