Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dancing the Night Away

Monday night, I was looking to see what was on and I saw "Dancing with the Stars" was starting. I've honestly never watched the show before but I figured a certain 2 year old would like to see all of the people dancing since she asks me every day "Wanna Dance?" I was correct. She loved it. We danced together every time a couple danced and then we clapped for them when it was over.

I posted a clip of her dancing on Instagram but wanted to share the whole video here. I love how she mimics all of the dancers moves. Enjoy:

Look at her hips move! 

Before this dance started, she had to run and get her heels to put on so she would just like the lady dancing. She's ready for her dancing career!

And in honor of Frozen being released on DVD yesterday, we watched it on the iPad and Mallory danced and sang along with Anna and Elsa.

I loved seeing all the posts on social media about everybody going to get Frozen yesterday. Well done Disney, well done.

And now I have "Let it Go" in my head....again. The cold never bothered me anyway!

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Brettni Brumfield said...

She is awesome! Dance classes in her near future?