Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Family Christmas 2013

I was really looking forward to this Christmas morning because Mallory is at the age now to get excited about everything Christmas and I love seeing the big smiles on her face. As mentioned before, Brian, Rob and Cade worked on setting up the trampoline for Mallory to see Christmas morning. Brian's Uncle Jim and Aunt Laurie gave us their trampoline that their kids had used but didn't use anymore. We are so thankful and I was really excited when they told us because I love trampolines too!

Christmas Eve night, I filled Mallory and Brian's stockings and set their presents out. It's so much fun to do that! We used to always get an orange and apple in our stockings growing up. I always mean to put that in our stockings but keep forgetting! Maybe one year I will remember!

We all slept in until 8:45 am before Mallory woke up. I say that is one of our Christmas presents right there because we really don't sleep in anymore! I enjoyed it because I know as she gets older and the excitement of Christmas morning grows, she won't want to sleep that late!

I didn't know how excited Mallory would be about the trampoline because she's really only been on a couple her whole life but like I said, I think I was so excited that my excitement took over. Her reaction is actually what I expected because she had just woken up and she did not want to be on video - ha!

After coming in after looking at the trampoline, we came inside and Brian read us The Christmas story from Luke 2.

I love seeing this great husband and father as the spiritual leader in our home! I love moments likes these!

We then told Mallory she could open her presents and the fun continued

She got the movie "Planes" and "Beauty and the Beast" We had to search online for Beauty and the Beast because it is in the Disney vault. Thank goodness for online shopping!

After Mallory opened her presents, Brian and I opened ours and Mallory was happy to help us unwrap all of our gifts

Brian got me a new Vera Bradley bag that I've wanted. I was very excited! He did a good job!

Brian's making the face above about the Bass Pro gift card because when we took Mallory to Bass Pro, I was planning on getting Brian's gift card when he wasn't looking however, I realized as I got ready to pay that I had left my wallet at home and since I really didn't want to come back to Bass Pro again before Christmas, I just went and got Brian to come pay for his gift and told him to act surprised when he opened it on Christmas morning :)

After all of the gifts had been passed out, Mallory had a great time playing with all of her new presents.

I will cherish these moments forever. So grateful!

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Lyndsey said...

Hahaha, that's about how impressed Liam was with his at first. I think it was just too early for trampolines :) But he loves his now, we will have to have trampoline playdates! :)