Monday, December 30, 2013

Barnett Family Christmas 2013

And here we are to Christmas #5 which is Christmas Day with all of Brian's extended family. After Christmas morning, we always head over to Jim and Laurie's house for lunch and Christmas with Brian's family. Last year it snowed on Christmas Day and it was so beautiful watching the snow outside Jim and Laurie's big windows in their house. No snow this year but it was always so fun being with all of our family again! Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?? :)

Mallory all dressed up in her Christmas outfit ready to go!

We took our family pic as soon as we got there because I knew by the end of the day, Mallory would have no interest in any more pictures. I've learned my lesson.

While we waited to eat, we chatted it up and Mallory and Auntie played the piano. Such beautiful music!

We always have so much good food! I was stuffed but there was enough for me to take home leftovers which I was very happy about! Mallory loved the Christmas tree rice krispie treats as you can tell.

This picture cracks me up because she knew this was her gift so she decided to sit on it until it was time to open gifts. I think she was ready to see what was inside.

Love the excitement in her face!

Here she is opening the gifts:

Grammy got Mallory many dress-up clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc... you name it, she got and to say Mallory was thrilled is an understatement. She was so excited and she loves to wear all the dresses, especially Belle.

Belle and her Grammy who she adores! Mallory also got some more cute clothes and princess sleeping bag from her cousins, Kennedy and Jensen which she has to lay on every night!

Gran loved the calendar that I made her last year that I knew that is what I had to get her again this year. I knew she wouldn't be as surprised but I knew she would love it and she did! 

After all of the kids and Gran opened their presents, we did the gift exchange among the adults. Each couple brought a funny white elephant gift and a nice little gift - that way there would be more stealing involved. Pam drew two names and you had to play paper, rock, scissors to see who would get to pick a present. That was a lot of fun! We ended up with a very nice blanket and a flamingo hat :)

The yearly cousin with spouse and kid pic.

And the littlest cousins - so cute!

And that wraps up Christmas 2013. I loved each and every minute with all of our family. We are so extremely blessed and am so thankful for the time we got to spend with everyone! 

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