Thursday, December 26, 2013

Emerson Family Christmas 2013

Our first Christmas of the year was at my parent's house with my grandmother and all my aunts, uncles and cousins on my Mom's side. Of course, we were all thankful that my grandmother is doing much better and could be with us this year! It's crazy to see how much our family has grown and also so fun to see Mallory play with all of my cousin's kids just like I played with my cousins growing up!

Nana with her four granddaughters

We all brought some food and enjoyed dinner while we all chatted it up!

I loved Eva's Christmas outfit - so cute!

Soon after eating, it was time for presents. There were gift cards and you could either pick a present or steal.

Eva and Mallory guarded the presents carefully!

After the adults got their gift cards, it was time for the kiddos who had been waiting...

The kids draw names and Mallory got her cousin Alyson this year! Mallory got a cute fairy from her cousin, Andrew.  Andrew got a sword and shield and he loved it!

And then it was Mamaw's turn for presents

I love all the pictures I can get of Mallory and her great-grandmother!

More sweet cousin time. Kiersi and Kayden with Alyson

Then, things got interesting :) My mom and aunts planned "Minute to Win It" games. It was so much fun. And competitive. You've got to watch out when it comes to my cousin, Chris. He will do whatever to win!

There was also a game where you had to shake your body until all of the balls came out of the box. I will try to upload all other competitors but here is Mallory and Kayden showing how it is done

A whole lot of shaking going on....

After playing the games, the electricity when out for a bit, but thankfully everyone had their iPhone flashlights

Mamaw with her three daughters

Our four generation picture. I'm so blessed to have these pictures!

Our lives are so crazy that it's hard to get all of our families together but know at Christmas, everyone will be there! I'm so thankful my grandmother could be there as well as all my cousins and their families. It was a wonderful evening!

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