Friday, December 27, 2013

Bradley Family Christmas 2013

Monday night, we headed, along with my brothers and their families, to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with my immediate family.  Our tradition is to stay the night at my parent's house and get up Christmas Eve morning and celebrate Christmas together. I always look forward to this time together year - it is one of my favorite traditions! 

We ate a good dinner from Chiloso and then relaxed in the living room for a bit to watch one of our all time favorite movies "Meet Me in St. Louis" with Judy Garland. We watched this movie so much growing up and I hadn't seen it in a while so it was fun to watch it with everybody again.

And then it was game time. Games and The Bradleys - they go hand in hand.

Christmas Eve morning we woke up ready to celebrate! Mallory and Eva were so excited and it was so neat to see the excitement in their eyes! Well...Mallory was excited until I ask her to take a picture with Brian and I in front of the Christmas tree and she wanted nothing to do with it so we pulled Eva into the pics too. She loves her Uncle Brian! 

Yearly cousin pic in front of the Christmas tree

Since Kiersi is reading more, my parents got her a book that shared The Christmas Story. She did a great job!

After hearing Kiersi read about Jesus' birthday and prayer, it was time for gifts.

Everyone loved all of the presents that was given to them. Mallory liked handing out the presents too so that was fun to see!

Kiersi, Kayden and Eva all got bicycles from Nana and Papa and Mallory got a Little People Princess castle - she loved it! Mallory got a bike for her 2nd birthday so we brought it along so she would have her bike there too.

Kiersi and Kayden were thrilled about their new bikes!

The Bradley Family. I love my parents and brothers dearly! I'm not sure why they weren't all in their pajamas too! I wasn't about to take them off because they are so comfortable!

After gifts, it was time for breakfast. Brian said that it is his favorite breakfast of the year! My mom and sister-in-law, Kate, did a great job on all the food for breakfast! It was all so good!

After eating, the kiddos decided they needed to test out their new bikes. My parents got new bicycles last month so everybody had their new bikes outside for a ride.

Watch out road!

Nana and Papa with their four granddaughters

What a wonderful time with my family! Thankful for another year to celebrate with them all!

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