Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

I'm sitting here enjoying a wonderful day off. I'm thankful for the day off but more thankful for the men and women who have served our country and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

I've been a bad blogger but I've just been enjoying being with my family and haven't really sat down at the computer much lately while I'm at home. I'm loving this time of year and loving this weather! Halloween was great and I'm ready to move into Thanksgiving and definitely ready for Christmas! Mallory's really getting into the holidays this year so that makes it extra fun!

Speaking of Mallory, this weekend has been a fun-filled one and it started out Friday night - Brian went to the high school football game so Mallory and I stayed home and cleaned...well, I cleaned while she played and watched Monsters, Inc. While I was cleaning she walked in the kitchen and handed me her shoes, tiara and necklace to put on her. She loves these sparkly, black shoes I got her because they have a little heel on them and make noise when she walks on the tile. She thinks that is the best. After we got everything on, this was the finished product:

She was thrilled and stayed like that until it was bedtime and was very upset she had to take it all off just to go to sleep.

Saturday afternoon, we planned to go watch our nieces play volleyball. We left a little early to run by Stonebriar Mall and look around. We ate a the food court and Mallory couldn't take her eyes off the carousel ride so of course, she got to ride the carousel for the first time.

She only wanted Daddy to ride with her.

She would wave at me every time she came around but then would grab the pole back real fast because she didn't want to fall...even though she had Daddy and a seat belt on...which makes me laugh because they didn't have those seat belts when we were little. Time have changed.

If this video is blurry, sorry...I'm not sure why because it's very clear on my phone.

After going by the Disney store and Mallory picking out everything she wanted, we headed to watch some volleyball. My nieces played soccer last year and we didn't get to see them play so I really wanted to see them play volleyball last year. Kiersi and Kayden play on the same team and looked so cute out there playing.

Kayden serving - she looked so little out there but she played just as well as all of her teammates

We got to see Kiersi get her first serve over! We were all so proud!

Sister and Teammates

Mallory was so excited to see her cousins and they were happy to see her too! I'm so glad we got to go cheer them on to a win and I can't wait to see them play more as they get older!

Saturday night, was Girl's Night! I love Girl's Night! Our friend, Brettni who had moved to Mississippi in July was back in town for a visit so we knew we had to go out while she was in. Her daughter, Delta Mae, got to join in the fun too and we loved them being back even if it was for a quick visit. I love these ladies

Sunday, we went to church and as soon as we got home, Mallory changed out of her dress but needed to put her black sparkly shoes on again.

This is our life now and I love every bit of it with this princess.

Sunday night, we had a Thanksgiving meal with our Sunday School class. The food and the fellowship was wonderful! And now today, we are resting...literally. As I type, Brian and Mallory are both taking a nap and I'm not too far behind them.

Have a great week!

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Kati said...

Glad ya'll had a fun girls night. Everybody needs that now and then! Especially with awesome people-watching. ;>