Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: August 2-4, 2013

This weekend, we were on the go as soon as I got off work on Friday. We picked up Mallory from daycare and then Brian and Rob drove me to Frisco to meet up with the girls from Brian's family for a fun night together. A couple of weeks ago, we all decided to go to a hotel on Friday night and enjoy a night away together - just the girls. They were all in Frisco so we met them at IKEA and Brian, Rob and Mallory left to enjoy their evening together. I have to confess that was the first time I've ever been there. It was a little overwhelming but I did see some things that I liked!

After shopping, we headed to dinner at Mattio's. You just can't go wrong with Tex-Mex

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get in our pj's and play games. We played Phase 10 and laughed and cracked up the whole time. It took a long time to play and we didn't even finish it because it was so late and we were all sleepy. I will say that Stephanie won even though technically we were both tied at the top with the lowest score but she was 2 phases ahead of me. I'm sure I would have caught up with her if I had more time - ha! Let's just say we are all a little competitive and that made it more fun!

These were my roommates for the night:

Amy is Stephanie's best friend and practically family so she had to come! As you can tell, Amy is the only one who knows where to look when we are taking a self portrait, Amy bought these two mice for us to scare Stephanie in our hotel room. We did have one bust out laughing moment when Stephanie found one in the bathroom. Truth: I'm so glad we roomed together - we had a lot of laughs and I enjoyed the uninterrupted night of sleep!

Saturday, we all slept in and then headed to Stonebriar Mall for some shopping!

I'm usually not a shopper but I did have some birthday money and bought a couple of cute tops. Of course, I saw a sale going on at The Children's Place so I had to buy Mallory some cute clothes. I also picked up Liesl's outfit (can't wait for Lyndsey to see it!) and an outfit for our little cousin Josiah who is turning 1 in September! We did start out in Nordstrom because Kennedy wanted some new eye shadow so the MAC lady helped her picked a good color. She also showed me a color that would work and Brian's Aunt Laurie bought me the color for my birthday. At 31, I have my first item of MAC make-up. I'm excited!

While shopping, you also have to try stuff on that you will never buy. When we saw some Steve Madden heels, Stephanie and Kennedy had to try them on. They both took a picture with Pam just to show how tall they are. After shopping, we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and stuffed ourselves with some of that yumminess!  

We got back home Saturday afternoon and I was so happy to be home with my little family! I'm so glad we were able to go and enjoy a night away - I had a great time!

Since I was gone all Friday night and most of Saturday, I  wanted to spend all Sunday with Mallory. We started the day by dropping off Lyndey's birthday present.

I just left it on her doorstep because the poor thing has been on bed rest since Thursday because she got kidney stones on her birthday. I saw her Thursday night and felt so bad for her because she was in so much pain but she is feeling better and I'm so glad! And being the good friend I am, I did not record our phone conversation when she was high on pain meds while in the hospital even though it was pretty funny. You're welcome friend!

After running some errands, Mallory and I played and played together.

I enjoyed every minute of being with her Sunday. It was definitely better than last Sunday when she didn't nap at all. She took a good nap and I enjoyed one too! After naps, it was back to more playing before bedtime. I'm so blessed and tried to spend as much time with her before the week begins and we are back into our busy routine! And here we are!

Have an amazing week!

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Lyndsey said...

What a fun weekend and LOVE my gift! I KIND of wish you would have recorded that call only because I don't even remember having it, lol. Although I'm sure I would be making you delete it right after! :)