Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: May 31 - June 2, 2013

Happy Monday friends! You gotta love it when your good friends call you up for an impromptu dinner! That began our Friday night - Cooper and Jill called and we met them at Raising Cane's for dinner. I've only eaten there a handful of times but I'm loving it!

I also loved the company. Mallory loves Kinsley and they laugh so loud when they are with each other. They get to be with each other at daycare too so that is fun! I love seeing them grow up together. Jill and I weren't always living in the same town but we did grow up together even though I'm 6 years older. Now, if we can just get my BFF Julie (Jill's older sister) to move up here, I would be thrilled!

After dinner, we went to cheer on cousin Cade and Jensen at their ballgame. We had fun cheering for them! It was a great season Jackets! Way to go!

Saturday morning, we headed out to celebrate our friend, Lucan's 1st birthday!

He loved his cupcake! Happy 1st Birthday Lucan!

Lucan's birthday party was at the Spray Park. I was very interested to if Mallory would like it this year since last year, she did not get too close to the water.

I did know that even if she didn't get in the water, she looked so cute! We got this bathing suit at Old Navy and I love it on her! She was excited when she saw the spray park so we grabbed "Yeeeyum" (aka Liam) and headed that way.

It helps to have a friend there because she and Liam went in together and had such a fun time! I love the top right picture of them the first time the water sprayed up! Later on, our friends Kinsley showed up as well as Collin and Connor Duquette. I think they enjoyed their first spray park experience!

Sunday morning, we headed to church. Here is our before church shot:

Auntie, Uncie, Caleb and Cade gave Mallory this dress and her bow for birthday. I love it!

Mallory brought home her first piece of work from church today! I was so excited when I saw it out for us to take home after we picked her up. I do wonder how many froot loops she ate while working on it :) After lunch with our SS friends, we all took long naps. It was so nice!

It was beautiful last night so we ate dinner on our back patio and then played outside.

Mallory loves to take her baby for a stroll so that's what we did. I enjoy these moments so!

And there you have it! I know it's the last week of school for me and many of our family and friends! You made it! Way to go!

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Lyndsey said...

I love the picture of Liam and Mallory with the water spraying them! I only got back shots! And Mallory's bow still kills me -- I kinda want to borrow it :)