Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Saddest Sad Face

About 3 months ago, I got this picture of Mallory from Daycare. As sad of a face that is, I couldn't help but smile because my child has the saddest sad face ever.

We see the frown sometimes when she is told No but rarely does she go into really sad mode. Fast forward to Monday night. We were getting ready to go play outside a little before bath and bedtime. She grabbed her  baby and stroller and we headed to the garage. I pushed for the garage door to open and Mallory raced towards the garage door. She usually stands beside me and knows not to move until I tell her to go. I guess she forgot that and decided she would run towards the door. I yelled at her to Stop but she kept going and tried to duck underneath while it was till raising and bumped her head on the garage door (not hard - she was fine). After checking her head and me calming down from being scared about the whole incident, little miss got a spanking and was told we weren't going outside after that.

After some tears, I went it to talk to her (however much you can talk to a toddler and they understand the situation) and she wouldn't even look at me.

Eyes covered. Frown. The whole show. And yes, I took a picture. I mean really. Tough love is tough. I'm learning that everyday.

After her bath, we relaxed on the couch and she wouldn't let me go.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Her little hands on my arm and she wouldn't move. I have so many lessons to learn as a parent and I pray everyday that God shows me the right way to show love and to discipline - the same way He cares for us!

I'm always happy to see her frown turn upside down :)

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