Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Visit Home

Saturday evening, Mallory and I headed to where I grew up in East Texas. Since my parents moved in 2000, they moved to a new town and I headed to college, I try to go back at least a couple of times a year. I am thankful for social media for being able to keep up with all my friends from home but it's always nice to see everyone in person. 

I love to drive by our old homes as we head out to our home away from home now. Our close family friend, Joyce has a nice house on a hill with a pond close by. I spent many nights at her house growing up and I love going back.

Love this place. It's one of my favorite spots ever.

Sunday morning, we got up for breakfast and I had to take a picture of Mallory in this chair that has been at Joyce and Earl's as long as I can remember. 

I used to sit in this chair all the time and Mallory and I loved Joyce's breakfast.

I haven't been to my home church in a long time so I was really looking for going back. This is the place where I learned about Jesus and accepted Him into my heart. It is where I was baptized. It was where I spent many VBS's, Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, learning more about Jesus and growing in the Faith. It is very special to me.

I know you aren't supposed to take pictures during church but I had to take a quick picture of the choir singing. It was a beautiful song and there was a music intern leading the church choir for the first time. I was also proud of Mallory for being so good in the nursery. It did help they had goldfish out for a snack so she was easily swayed.

Afterwards, Mallory got to see a lot of my old friends and then wanted to sit at the piano with Joyce and play it.

Such a sweet moment!

After naps, we headed out to my good friend, Ashley's house. They built a house and moved in last year and I hadn't seen it finished so I couldn't wait to see her and her new house!

Mallory Loved Ashley's daughter Addison. They played and Mallory practically did everything Addison wanted to. Ashley later told me that Addison told Ashley's mom that Mallory smiles a lot :)

After our visit, we headed back to Joyce's and Mallory played in the sprinklers.

She loved it and I loved watching her!

Monday morning, we hit the open road headed back home. It was a gorgeous drive.

It was a great and special visit to my hometown but we all know there is no place like home...or your own bed. We both missed Brian dearly and were so happy to see him! However, I do look forward to the next visit!

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