Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I'm loving the weather we've had the past couple of days! I'm thankful that now when Mallory says "outside" that we can go outside! Of course, this is Texas so it will be freezing tomorrow so we have to enjoy the weather we have now! I love our neighborhood and there are a lot of little kids outside enjoying the nice weather too! These past two nights, we've walked around the block, colored with the colored chalk on the driveway, and just enjoyed the outdoors.

Getting ready to go for our walk with her sunglasses on

Pardon my very white legs but it was nice to put my walking shoes and get some exercise 

Love this picture of my little girl! I can't believe that she will turn 2 years old this month! Where has the time gone??? We mailed her birthday invitations this week so I'm looking forward to celebrating her! Time to get my party planning on!

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katebradley said...

I showed this to Eva and told her to blow Mallory a kiss. She leaned over and kissed the desk where my laptop is instead. Haha, hope Mallory felt the love anyway!

Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie!

Kati said...

Got her adorable b-day invite! I'm SO sad that we have a wedding to go to! Who gets married on a Saturday morning?!!!

Love her glasses ;>