Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Friday, Friday

Happy Friday friends! We made it to the weekend - woo hoo! This is a post of randomness but here you go:

When I was looking through the pics I took of us outside, I forgot this one. Apparently Mallory has no fear of any bugs. She was barefoot walking around the driveway and just stepped on any slug or ant she saw. She's staring at some bug here before she stepped on it

Of course, when I saw her step on the ant, I freaked because the only thing that showed up on her allergy tests last year was fire ant so I was afraid she was going to have a reaction if she got an ant bite but thankfully, she hasn't had any bites lately so we've been good.

Yesterday was our niece Kiersi's 7th birthday! I cannot believe she's 7 years old - Crazy! I Face Timed with Kiersi and Kayden yesterday afternoon and just had a lot fun chatting it up with them

Kayden's birthday is at the end of the month so they will have their joint birthday party next weekend! I can't wait to celebrate them!

So, it's May and we've got this weather:

First of all, it wasn't raining like it says from my weather app but it was coooold. Where's Spring??? Come back - I'm ready to put my winter coat up until winter!

Mallory's been on a Cinderella kick for the past couple of weeks but a couple of days ago, she wanted to watch this movie and now it's all she wants to watch now:

We watch it when we give her a breathing treatment because she will sit still and watch it with the inhaler on and not fuss so it's a Win/Win. I can stand to watch it again and again if it calms her.

Speaking of treatments, we got Mallory's allergy test results back and nothing showed up meaning...she's not allergic to anything. What?!? Well, she did have two bad allergic reactions last year but the ER doctor did tell us that we may never know what caused it since she was so little. Soooooo, we move forward treating her cough as asthma. Thankfully, her cough has almost gone away so I'm hoping the treatment is working and will continue to work. I've heard many children grow out of it so maybe that will be the case!

This weekend we are going shopping for Mallory's party supplies! Lots to get and lots to do but I'm so looking forward to it! Thankfully, I met with my fellow party planner, Lyndsey, this week and we she made some labels and we started on Mallory's birthday banner! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Lyndsey said...

Wow - no allergies at all!? I guess that's great news, but so strange to never know those incidents were from. Does that mean no more epi-pen??!