Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Saturday was a fun filled day of celebrations for our family! Mallory and I headed to celebrate our nieces's Kayden turning 6 and Kiersi turning 7 while Brian headed to our sister-in-law, Stephanie's college graduation!

Kayden & Kiersi! Seriously, time has flown because they are growing so fast! They are beautiful young girls and I'm so glad to be their Aunt! Their party theme was Candyland and Melody did a great job with everything! It was so much fun!

The awesome cake and decorations! Who doesn't love a candy bar?

Mallory loves seeing all of her family and got so excited to see Eva again! Kiersi & Kayden have a little trampoline in the back and Mallory loved jumping in it too!

All of the cousins - they just love when we get them all together for a pic - ha! Melody also had the kids play some games and one of them, you had to see how many gummy bears you could lick and stick to your face. Made for some cute faces!

The Bradley fam and me with the two pretty birthday girls! We had a wonderful time celebrating them!

After leaving the birthday party, we headed back to celebrate Stephanie and her college graduation!

The Estes boys rode together to the graduation so I took this picture of them before they left. They all look so spiffy and of course, Mallory had to join in on the photo.

The Estes Family!

Stephanie with her cake and Mallory!

We are so proud of Auntie and her accomplishment! She has worked so hard to get to graduation and I know she will be an amazing teacher! Congrats Auntie! We Love You!

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