Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Linking up with This Kind of Love today. I'm loving bluebonnets!

Monday afternoon, Brian's Aunt Pam and I headed to the field of bluebonnets to take pictures of Mallory and her cousins Emmaline and Josiah. We went to the same field we went to last year and I was really excited about taking pictures out there again. I honestly knew that Mallory wasn't going to sit and smile like she did last year, especially since she basically runs from the camera now but I was hoping to get a couple of her looking and smiling. Wrong. I may have gotten 2 of her looking at the camera :) She ran all over the place but I do think we got some keepers.

Here are a couple of Emmaline. I think she looks so beautiful in her dress in the bluebonnets.

Next up is Josiah. He wasn't too interested in looking at the camera either :)

This next picture I love because it looks like they are praying.

And here comes the big cousin. She sat by Emmaline and Josiah for a minute and this was the best picture I could get before she was up and gone again!

And you know I love do comparison shots. Here is her picture when she was 10 months old in the bluebonnets last year and now this year at 22 months.

I liked how her yellow outfit stood out in the bluebonnets last year so I went specifically looking for a yellow dress for Mallory to wear this this year when we went back.

When it was Mallory's turn, like I said, she had no interest in her picture being taken so I put her in the middle of the bluebonnets and took her picture as she was walking in them. It was a little windy Monday afternoon so she had some wind blown shots but I love that her hair is long enough to blow in the wind!

Love her!

Now, I'm just interested to see how her 2 year pictures go in a couple of weeks. I hope we can get some good ones too!

I'm so glad we got to go again to the bluebonnets! I know next year will be very interesting when all three kids are walking!


Jennifer Smith said...

Where is this field of bluebonnets?? I'm looking for a good spot to do my daughters!

Lyndsey said...

You got some really cute ones of all the kiddos! And I am loving Emmaline's headband too :)

Callie Nicole said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I wish we had bluebonnets. :-)