Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: February 1 - 3, 2013

Happy Monday! It's already Monday again and our Saturday and Sunday were completely opposite in activity. First, usually on Friday nights, we go out to eat as a family but we needed groceries desperately so I headed to Wal Mart while Brian and Mallory headed to Costco. I just wanted to go to the store and be done with it so we didn't have to go on any other day of the weekend. When we got back home, we ordered pizza from the new pizza place in town, Pizza Cucina. It was very good and will probably be getting our business again!

Saturday, I planned on just doing stuff around the house. I'm pretty sure I washed everything that could be washed just to get everything clean. As I was cleaning, I walked into our living room and saw this:

I literally said outloud "Is that your diaper?" After laughing, I grabbed my phone and had to take a picture. I guess she wanted to take it off and she just kept playing. But she kept her socks on. Just her socks - ha! This will be used for blackmail for when she is older :)

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday and I was happy to let Mallory be able to play on her outside playground. She always looks out the back door and wants to go play on it but it's been too cold so I was glad she could go outside and play.

She was happy to eat her snack in her "house" :)

We only left the house to run to Target (of course) to pick up some items for Sunday and then it was back home for the rest of the day. It was back to more cleaning, laundry, etc... but I'm glad I was able to get it done because I knew Sunday was going to be busy.

We headed to church Sunday morning and was really excited to see our friend Brettni be baptized

I know this is isn't the best pic but she was up there and out so quickly that I barely got a pic. So excited for her! 

After church, we went home for lunch and then I headed back up to church for a baby shower for our friend, Nikki.

I love baby showers! It was so fun to see Nikki open all of her gifts. The excitement for a new baby is great! I love the dog bone cookies by the cake. Luke's (the baby boy coming) nursery theme is puppies and they got so much cute stuff to go with it. It was also a great time to catch up with my girl friends. I love when we get to be together, especially when we are celebrating another friend!

As soon as I got home from the shower, we headed out to our Sunday School classes's Super Bowl Party

I'm a big sports fan but did not watch one minute of the game. Someone had to watch our child because she was in timeout within the first 10 minutes we were there. Let's just say, she didn't want to share any of the toys that were in the play room so she got to learn that it was sharing or no playing. Good times. But after that, she played well and I was able to chat it up with the ladies of our class. I love the bottom right picture because during the halftime show (the part I did watch), Mallory was dancing (or just spinning around in circles) and Kinsley thought it was hilarious.

Yay for The Ravens winning The Super Bowl! I was cheering for them even though I wasn't watching the game! That's another weekend that's come to a close. Have a great week!

PS. Happy Birthday today to our nephew Cade!! Brian and I love you and you know that your cousin Mallory loves you too! She smiles so big every time you walk in the room! Have a wonderful day!

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