Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's Day 2013

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday! We started out by leaving early so we could go by and see Papa and Nana before I went to work and Mallory went to daycare.

Mallory made them a Valentine's Day gift and we wanted to give it to them. She got a card, book and a Chick-Fil-A gift card from them. She was so sad when we left because she thought she was going to stay with them for the day. But I had to remind her that she was getting to go to her Valentine's Day party at daycare!

I made some valentine's for Mallory to take for all her friends. I forgot to take a picture of all of them but I enjoyed making them all! They told all the kids to wear their pajamas for the party. Mallory had her heart pj's and I put a white shirt underneath because it was chilly in the morning. 

Mallory's daycare put this picture of everybody in their pj's on their facebook page. They all look so cute!

After I picked Mallory up from daycare, we went to see our friends Lyndsey and Liam so we could give Liam his valentine.

Two sweet friends. Liam's shirt says "I'm a ladies man." We had so much seeing them during our visit.

Then, we headed home while the sun was out and went to play outside. She loved every minute of it!

She loves the slide!

We came inside and I got everything ready for Brian and Mallory to open their cards and gifts.

When Brian got home, he told Mallory to come to him and he gave her a sweet card from him.

She loved it! It had a mirror in the card so she could see herself when she opened it. It was such a sweet moment and gave her Daddy a big hug for the card!

After opening Daddy's card, I gave Mallory her card and gifts from both of us.

She got some jeggings, chocolates, and Mickey Mouse stickers. Everything was a hit, well, except the jeggings, she didn't care for clothes - it was all about the stickers and chocolate. :)

After giving Mallory her gifts, Brian and I exchanged our cards. We don't get each other presents, we just do cards for Valentine's Day and just enjoy being with each other. I did give myself a present:

It's like the plate that Mallory made Nana and Papa. It was the craft we worked on when Auntie came over last week. I think they all turned out so good!

After all the gifts, it was dinner time! And in true Estes style, we had pizza from Pizza Cucina.

It was very very good! We also had the red velvet cupcakes that I made for dessert (in the picture earlier)

All in all, it was an amazing day!

Brian and I with our little Valentine. We had so much fun all together this evening and I know Mallory had a great day seeing her family and friends!  We love you all!

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Kati said...

Um, the pictures with her and Brian are TOO PRECIOUS!! So sweet. And jeggings...Mallory, that's where it's at! Karlyn is all about the jeggings/leggings. :>

Happy Valentine's Day! Karlyn loved her fruit snacks and sucker :)