Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our New Year's Eve

We had a great time ringing in the New Year! We kept with our fun tradition of going to our friend's The Ivey's house and partied with them. Things have definitely changed from when it was just the 4 of us adults and now with 2 toddlers running around - of course it's much better seeing them play together!
Brian knows I want him to wear the Happy New Year hat on this night so he happily obliges for me :)
Here were our two cuties last year:
My how much they change in a year!
We had a photo shoot with the girls, of course. I love the top right one - we told them to hug each other and we got them leaning in together.

They both had to try and blow the horns

The Estes family ready for 2013!

The Ivey Family - you can tell that both girls were over having their picture taken - ha!

The girls finally winded down and Kati played cards with them. About 9:30 pm - Mallory went to bed. She got to stay up really late to celebrate. Karlyn was going to bed not too long after but she just couldn't sleep while we were partying in the living room. And by partying I mean resting on the couch talking - ha! We are some party animals!

Karlyn in her pretty pj's

When it was midnight, we grabbed our sparkling juice and toasted to the New Year! I love these two pictures of Kati and I! I'm so thankful for her friendship and am so glad we've made this New Year's tradition! This was either our 4th or 5th year at their house - I can't remember! Thank you Iveys for having us again! We had a blast!

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