Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013 Goals

Happy New Year from the Estes Family!!
I've never really been one to have New Year's Resolutions but this year, I do have some goals that I hope to achieve. Here are some:
~ Read the Bible more
~ Complete The Covenant Bible Study
~ Memorize more scripture by joining the Siesta Scripture Memory Team
~ Be more dillegent in having my quiet time
~ Pray more, worry less
~ Find more opportunities to serve and make His name known!
~ Start playing tennis again - I love to play and need to exercise more
~ Start taking a vitamin or some vitamins (any suggestions?)
~ Take the opportunity to rest when needed
~ Drink less soda, Dr. Pepper is my worst enemy
~ Have more family dinners at the dinner table
~ Stop comparing. It doesn't help anything. We are blessed.
~ Choose Joy
~ Enjoy as many moments with my family and friends
~ Potty train Mallory (I know this will probably not begin until towards the end of next year but it would be great to have it done before 2014)
Here's to 2013 on The Estes Family Blog! Thank you for reading and I wish you and yours a very blessed 2013!!

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The Sweet Design said...

Juice Plus as your vitamin...it is made up of fruits and vegetables...and it's great...we have been on them for 3 years...the girls too...very little sickness/trips to doc, etc. -Melody