Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pre-Christmas Activities

There were many things I wanted to do with Mallory during Christmas time and I was very excited to celebrate this time of year with her!

First, Brian's Aunt Pam asked if she could take Mallory to The Polar Express in Grapevine and of course, I said Yes! I was at work but I'm really glad she was able to go with her aunts and cousins. I told Pam to please send me lots of pictures.

Mallory and her Aunt Laurie waiting for the train

As you can tell, she was thrilled about it all :)

Then, it was time to get on the train and she gave the conductor her ticket

And she's still not a fan of Santa :(
All the kiddos. I'm so glad Mallory got to with them and they said she had a great time!
Secondly, I wanted to make and decorate sugar cookies with Mallory. Saturday night, I got all of our stuff ready and we began.

We are ready!
We were in our pajamas as we made the cookies. Mallory helped me press the cookie cutters down in dough

And then it was time for sprinkles and she loved that part. She went a little heavy on some but hey, that's ok - it was all in the fun!

And then she wanted a taste :)

And to be honest, afterwards, she had a meltdown. She just wanted me to hold her but for a moment, we had a great time and the cookies tasted very good!

Finally, we went to church on Christmas Eve Eve.

I just loved Mallory's Christmas dress. Of course, she wouldn't stand still to get a picture but I got the best I could.
After a great church service and Sunday School, we went to pick up Mallory and had a little photo shoot in front of the Christmas Tree in the Children's building.
We tried to get a picture of Mallory and Liam but they were more interested in looking at the tree. Liam was so kind and offered his hand to Mallory but she just could not stay still long enough to stand by him.
So, we pick them up and make them look towards the camera - ha!
Mallory gave Mrs. Shelley a big Christmas hug
And as you saw in the blog before, we got a good family picture.
I loved all that we were able to do before Christmas. I'm so thankful for the memories that were made with Mallory and look forward to many to come!

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