Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bradley Family Christmas 2012

We always stay at my parent's house on Christmas Eve Eve night and wake up Christmas Eve morning to do presents. I love this tradition and am so glad we do it every year. 
Before bedtime, our friend Kinsley and the Crowells stopped by to say hello. The girls loved jumping on the mattresses on the floor.

Later on, I caught this moment happening: Cousin Love.
That night, I didn't know how Mallory would sleep in the pack'n'play but early on in the night, I knew we wouldn't get much sleep. Mallory started coughing and would not stop. I was so afraid she was keeping everybody up and wanted us both to get some sleep at night. We didn't get too much sleep that night but thankfully we did get some - enough to enjoy the morning.
Christmas Eve morning. I love the fire and the light of my parent's Christmas tree
These two cuties were ready to open presents!

Lots of opening of presents going on. We were so blessed!

Eva got a new table from Nana & Papa!! So, Mallory pulled up a seat :)

And Mallory got a new kitchen! It's been put together for a day and she has played with it non-stop! Thank you Nana and Papa!

My mom's present was canvases of all the granddaughters. She loved them!

Another tradition we do is finding the pickle on the Christmas tree. This year Kate won! Next year Brian, we've got to find it!

We tried to get a picture of all 4 cousins together but of course, my daughter kept running away. So, we put them all in a box and took a picture. You do what you've got to do!
It was a great Christmas Eve morning!

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