Sunday, December 30, 2012

Barnett Family Christmas 2012

And here we are, our last Christmas gathering. Christmas Day, we always head to Brian's aunt and uncle's - Jim & Laurie's to celebrate with his family!
Jim & Laurie's tree and Brian & Caleb ready to eat and open presents

Mallory loves to climb the stairs at Jim & Laurie's. I put her in her cute Miss Claus outfit and thought she looked adorable.

Unfortunately, it was making her too hot and she wasn't feeling well on top of it so I had to run home and get her some more clothes. When I got back, Auntie had gotten her to go to sleep and she was taking a nap. Hated that my little girl didn't feel well on Christmas Day.
Love our family!
We started opening gifts and Gran got a plate like mine from Stephanie and I made her a 2013 calendar with pictures from everybody in our family. I think she liked it :)

I think the older kids loved their gifts too!
As we started opening gifts, it started snowing outside! I knew there was a chance for snow on Christmas Day but I honestly didn't get my hopes up and didn't think it would happen. I was pleasantly surprised!

Snow falling!

After a good nap, Mallory was up and she was ready to open her presents

She got so many wonderful things! She is blessed by amazing aunts, uncles and cousins!

This year the adults brought a gift and did the gift steal game. Foster trying to decide which gift to get

Brian picked the gift we brought but thankfully Rob stole it so I stole something else :)

Uncle Jim showing Mallory his game he got as his gift
After all the gifts, it was time to play in the snow!

We didn't stay out long at all since Mallory wasn't feeling well but I wanted to get a couple of pictures of her first White Christmas!

By the time we got home, our house was covered with snow!

Our white backyard
Blessed. Thankful. Overwhelmed. Loved. are just a few words to sum up Christmas this year! We love our families so much and cannot thank God enough for them! 2012 Christmas, you were Amazing!

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