Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mallory is 18 Months Old!

Mallory Anne, you are 18 Months Old!!
We went to your well check-up today and you weigh 27.2 lbs and are 31 3/4" tall. You are wearing some 18 month clothes but mostly 24 month. You wear a size 4 diaper and are wearing a size 5 shoe. You are very aware that the Dr.'s office is where you've gone to get your shots and you did not want the Dr. to touch you at all but other than that, the Dr. said you were growing well which is what we are so thankful for!
You are Always on the Go! From the moment you wake up until the time you lay your head down for the night, you just go, go, go. I'm tired sometimes just keeping up with you and you definitely keep us on our toes! You love to run everywhere and especially when you are let loose to walk, you get the biggest smile and usually take off running.
You love to try to put your socks and shoes on yourself. You really like to color, or just run around with the crayons in your hand. Thankfully, I've seen no color on our walls. You love to play with the blocks at Papa and Nana's so I know you'll love the big bag of blocks you are getting for Christmas. You always want to sit in my lap and look at the Elmo Photo Book and Blue Bird, Blue Bird book. You think that Daddy's iPad is yours and love to look at all the photos on it.

You love to talk. Loudly. You say "Daddy" all the time and still only "Mama" when you need something. You say "Papa, Nana, Bye-Bye, Uh-Oh, Yeah, Thank You, Ball, Hot, Donald, Daisy, Nicky (Mickey)" I think you get where the last three are from :) She will grab the remote and say "Nicky." Her Daddy has trained her so well! She talks the most in the bath tub and will usually try to repeat whatever we tell her say.
You sleep very well! Thank You! You go to bed around 8:15 pm and I wake up you up around 7:00 am to get you ready to leave for the day. During the weekdays, when you are woken up before you would wake up on your own, you usually take two naps. On the weekends, when you can wake up on your own, you usually take one good nap after lunch. And then there was this past Saturday, when you decided not to nap at all. Let's not do that again, please :)

You love to eat and are becoming very picky! For breakfast you have a mixture of a couple of these things: Eggs, Toast, Blueberry Muffin, Cheerios, Rice Chex, Yogurt, Fruit Bar, Blueberry Waffle and on Sunday mornings, you get some of a cinnamon roll. For lunch and dinner and snack time your favorite things are: green beans, dried apple slices, chicken nuggets, turkey, string cheese, grilled cheese, raisins, fruit squeeze, graham crackers, goldfish, and of course, macaroni & cheese.
You have 16 teeth. Your canines (cuspids) on the bottom just came in over Thanksgiving and that was not a fun time at all. I know you were in pain but thankfully they are popping through and you feel much better. We usually can get a good view of all your teeth when we are tickling you and are laughing so hard. You do like brushing your teeth and you always laugh when you watch us brush our teeth in the morning.
You still love all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Thankfully, you've expanded your movie viewing favoritism from Toy Story to other movies. You like Cars, Cars 2 (these two because your Daddy likes to watch them too), Up! and Tangled. I cannot wait until you are older and we can take you to Disney World so you can see all of your favorite people!

Mallory, your Daddy and I love you so very much! You light up our life everyday and we thank God everyday for blessing us with you! Happy 18 Months sweet girl!

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Kati said...

Ahh, sweet girl! Happy 18 Months Mallory! I like your outfit :)

It is so fun to watch you grow!