Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun with Kinsley

These past two weeks we've had a baby in our house! When my friend Jill was talking about when she was going back to work and where Kinsley would go, I told her I would watch her the two weeks before I had to start work. We've had fun having Kinsley at our house and I'll be honest, it was weird getting back into baby mode once you've crossed into toddlerhood but once we got a routine down, we were good!

Mallory wasn't too sure about what to think since I couldn't give her the attention the whole time but I know she liked have "baby" as she called her in our home.

Cute girls - I'm hoping they will have a lifelong friendship like I have with Jill and Jill's sister, Julie.

Mallory would help me sometimes. She wanted to help give Kinsley her bottle

Mallory trying to figure out how to get it to Kinsley so she wouldn't cry anymore...and then Mallory would run away with the bottle. We haven't had bottles in our house in over a month but I guess she thought she still needed it :)

Caught Red Handed!

Mallory also thought she needed to sit in Kinsley's bouncer when Kinsley was taking a nap.  My little baby is a baby no more

There were a lot of times like these. I would be holding Kinsley and Mallory would happen to want me to hold her as soon as I got Kinsley - ha! Just a little jealous but that's ok - I enjoyed holding them both

We would send pics like these cute Kinsley smiles to her Mom during the day to say Hello!

Yesterday was my last day to keep her and I wanted to get a pic of Mallory and Kinsley in their matching outfits. As you can tell, Mallory wasn't interested in it but that's ok. I got the pic even if they weren't both smiling or looking at the camera.

We had fun having Kinsley at our house and I'm excited that Mallory and she will go to same in-home day care so they will see each other there! And for those wondering, sorry, this didn't give me baby fever :)

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Lyndsey said...

They are so cute together! I love the picture of Mallory in the bouncer - can you even remember our babies fitting in those??