Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th of July

We had a great day celebrating the 4th of July! We were happy Brian was home for the day - we love it when he's home with us! We relaxed at home for the morning and then while Mallory was down for a nap, Brian organized our 3rd bedroom (which was our throw everything in the room that we don't have a place for :) ) and I baked cookies. Later in the afternoon, we headed over to my Aunt's house to eat and hang with my family.

I was really happy because Mallory has enough hair for me to put in a little ponytail. You see it barely over the bow.

I love my family and anytime we can get together, I try to go. We sat around and talked and ate - my kind of get together! My poor Dad was sick and couldn't come - we missed you!

My Mom made homemade ice cream. It was sooooo good! I LOVE homemade ice cream!

We then headed over to our friend's - The Watsons house for some more celebrating.

I always enjoy getting together with our friends, too!

There was a lot of yummy patriotic food. I didn't get to the kitchen early enough to take pics before some of it was eaten but who can blame them? It was all good.

Before we left to go watch fireworks, we had to take some pics out on their swing!

This was from last year's 4th of July! Mallory, Liam, Katie & Layla

What a difference 1 year makes! Just like Lyndsey said, last year, they could barely sit up on their own and this year, they barely sit down. Time does fly!

I love our family pic on the swing

After leaving the Watson's, we headed to watch the fireworks

We had a little time to kill so the boys threw the football in the parking lot

Our favorite Estes family

Zoey was very excited about the fireworks that were coming!

Mallory was a little hungry so she sat with Auntie to enjoy her snack

Liam & Mallory were up way past their bedtimes but they did great. I'm so sad I didn't get a pic of everybody there but I will definitley next year!

I would point to the fireworks and then Mallory would point. I think she loved them!!

We certainly didn't forget what this day is all about! We are blessed to call America our home and are so grateful for those who have fought and our fighting so that we have the freedom we do. God Bless America!!


Lyndsey said...

What a great fourth it was! Same time next year?

Josh and Shan said...

I love her hair and the big bow!!