Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Baby No More

Today we put the bottles away...

They were good to us and now it's time to say goodbye. I went to Target and bought some more sippy cups for us to use. So far, Mallory hasn't acted like she's missed her bottles so that's a good sign. Last night, she didn't have a bottle a little before bedtime - I just gave her a sippy cup with some milk. She drank a little and went to bed and slept well so at least she's not excpecting her bottle. I will have to say that she has done well with most changes and I hope she will do well with this too. My next goal is to get her to learn how to drink out of a straw. She just lifts it up like her sippy and we have milk everywhere - ha!

I'm usually emotional about each new change but I am ok with seeing the bottles go. I was a little sad while packing away clothes that she's grown out of.

I knew I was going to have to do it sooner or later because her closet was getting full with her new birthday clothes, so the other day I packed it all up. She has/had so many cute clothes. When we went to her first Dr.'s appt, she said that Mallory was petite and I say she is petite no more. I feel now that our baby is no longer using bottles that I see more now as a toddler but she is and always will be the cutest as you can see below

She decided yesterday that she needed to wear her sunglasses inside. Love her!


katebradley said...

Packing away old clothes always makes me a little sad too. I hope sooooo much that I can have another little girl in a couple of years so that I can revisit my favorite tiny outfits. At least our bigger girls are still super cute!

Kati said...

She IS so cute! Love the heart glasses. Karlyn didn't skip a beat either when we ditched that last nighttime bottle so I'm sure Mallory will do great to.

Kate, I want another girl too. Too many cute clothes to re-use! :)