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Weekend Rewind: June 15-17, 2012

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Father's day weekend! This weekend rewind actually starts on Thursday. The last day of VBS was Thursday morning and not long after we got home, I started not feeling well - sore throat, achy, etc... I noticed Mallory wasn't feeling that well either so we rested all day. Who knows which of the hundred kids at VBS I probably got the bug from...Thursday evening was the worst for me and felt horrible - Mallory was feeling better so Brian was Super Dad/Husband and took care of her and me.

Friday morning, I was feeling a little better but still had a really sore throat. Mallory wasn't still 100% so I'm so thankful that my parents were able to watch Mallory for most of the day Friday so I could rest and we could both get better separately. When I went to get her Friday afternoon, she was feeling better which I was very glad about!

This did not make me feel better:

You know you always think: Wow, in this year, I'll be this age. Well it's been a while since I renewed my license and I always see renewal date: July 21, 2012 and I always thought, I'll be 30 when that happens. It seemed so far away and then I got this in the mail :) It's now almost here but I'm really looking forward to what the 30's bring!

The good thing about sickness is: it makes you rest. The bad thing: you have to rest and miss out on some things. We were planning on going to see our friend David (my BFF Julie & Jill's brother) & Ciji get married Friday night but I did not want to get everyone else sick but my Mom sent me this photo of the happy couple.

It looked like a fun wedding!

Saturday, I rested some more - my throat was still very sore. I vow never to take the easiness of swallowing for granted from here on out! Saturday night, Brian went to the Rangers game with his brother, Rob and his good friend, Jay and his son Kegan.

He said he had a great time & the Rangers won!

Since Brian was at the game, Mallory and I headed over to my parents to hang out with them and to see my Dad for Father's Day. Mom, Mallory and I went for a walk and saw our friends, The Watsons, that live just down the street from my parents and saw this rabbit by their house. Mallory kept wanting to get close but it would run away. We saw many rabbits and she loved trying to go to them.

Sunday was Father's Day and we celebrated Brian!

I love this picture!  I really wanted to go to church with him on Father's Day even though I was feeling better but I knew it was best if Mallory and I stayed home so we didn't chance getting anybody else sick. While Mallory took her morning nap, I watched Lake Pointe church online. The worship and sermon were really good and I'm so thankful for technology these days so when I'm sick, I can still hear some good preaching! I do wish our church streamed our services on Sunday morning but hopefully one day they will do that.

I do love our church family - I was so happy to get this picture on my phone:

This was sent from Ms. Gay and it said she, Allison and Liam missed Mallory in the nursery Sunday morning.  So sweet!

We all napped Sunday afternoon and now it's time to start the week again! Before I go, I wanted to share a miracle to help you jump start your week!

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a picture of baby Lucan Stegall that Lyndsey and I went to see when he was born. Before Lucan was born, the doctor said that sometime after he was born, he may have to have heart surgery (sorry, I don't know all the details why, but they knew it would be a possiblity). Well, on Thursday, Regan took him this past Thursday to the pediatritcian and they immiediatley sent Lucan to the hospital because he was breathing double the pace he should have been. After many tests and doctors, they discovered his PDA artery that provides blood to the lower extremities before birth, and sometimes for a while after birth, was still open and needed to be closed. It needed to be closed because the PDA flow was staining Lucan's heart.

Today, we got news that the PDA artery had closed on his own! Shey said it was definitely the power of prayer because the cardiologist looked up and said "All you can say when this is happens is Thank You." The cardiologist's partner even asked her if she was sure the PDA had been open because he was surprised it had closed on its own.

God is so good! The Stegalls are now all home and they will still monitor Lucan closely. He may still have to have surgery later on his aorta but we are so grateful he didn't have to have emergency surgery and the PDA artery closed on his own! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Lyndsey said...

Liam missed his buddy, but I'm glad y'all are feeling better! It's nice to have parents close by who don't mind risking getting sick :)