Friday, May 25, 2012

Mallory's BirthDAY

Happy Friday! We have made it to the end of the birthday posts! Monday, as you know, was Mallory's actual birthday so Brian took off of work so we could have a family day together. We didn't have a lot planned, we just decided we hang out together and have fun. When she woke up, Brian and I went into Mallory's room singing "Happy Birthday to You" to her. She had the biggest grin on her face and I think it was because her Daddy was there when she woke up. Usually it's only me because Daddy has already gone to work by the time she wakes up but she was so extra excited to see him there.

For her birthday breakfast, she enjoyed eggs and toast. She was thrilled as you can tell. I told her she had to eat good because she was going to get to eat some cake later but she didn't care :)

After breakast, Mallory had a visitor. She was very excited that her Papa stopped by to see her on her birthday!

For lunch, we let Mallory pick and she decided to eat at On The Border :) I think she chose it because she knew we had a gift card there to use

Daddy and the birthday girl

Me and my sweet girl after filling ourselves with On The Border. We split the kid's quesadilla's and it came with ice cream so she got a couple of bites which is why I think she was so happy!

After lunch, we ran a couple of errands and then headed to the Sprinkler Park at Harry Myers. We changed her into her swimsuit and off she went. She wasn't too thrilled about all the water falling on her but she had a blast just walking around which is her favorite thing to do!

Here we go!

She really wanted to go up to all of the people there and walk to them so I went out with her and had fun playing in the water

We didn't stay long but had a fun time while we were there!

After naps, Mallory had some more visitors!

Uncie, Auntie, Cousins Caleb and Cade came by to see her on her birthday!

After dinner, I cut her a piece of cake to eat on her birthday.

Yep, she still liked it and went straight the the bathtub after a few bites

After the bath, Brian started putting together her shelves that Nana and Papa got Mallory for her birthday so we could have a place to put all her toys. She wanted to help him so bad but with too many small screws and nails, he had to go in the other room and finish it while she went to bed.  She did get to see it the next day and then pulled everything out that I put in the shelves but that's ok - toys are meant to be played with!

It was a really really great day!

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