Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mallory's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday, May 19 we celebrated Mallory's 1st Birthday with a birthday part at Brian's Aunt and Uncle's house! The party was at 10am and we had some yummy brunch food. The theme was Minnie Mouse because Mallory loves the TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so it wasn't hard for me to figure out what her theme would be. A big thank you our friend Shannon and who took pics of the party! With all the help from our family and friends, they helped us make it a special day for our special girl!

The birthday girl herself!

Our family photo - of course, the child who is always happy decided not to smile in most of her birthday photos - Ha! But it's ok - there was so much going on!

I made a banner of Mallory's monthly photos and I'm so glad how it turned out and that it stayed hanging. With help from Lyndsey, it stayed and we were good to go! I also put two of Mallory's 1 year old pictures up on the mantle as well as her letters that hang on her wall in her nursery. We haven't hung them up yet in her new room so I brought them for decoration.

Closer shot of the mantle

My sister-in-law, Melody, made the birthday cake and smash cake and they were amazing!

Mallory's Smash Cake

The Birthday Cake

The food table was full of very yummy brunch food. I'm thankful to Brian's and my family for making some great food

Minnie was the centerpiece, of course

She was ready to get the party started!

We ate first and then opened presents. I thought for sure that Mallory would love pulling the paper out of the presents and help me open them all. Actually, she couldn't have been less interested. She wanted to walk around and see everybody but thankfully, I had other helpers!

Starting out opening presents

Uncle Kam and Aunt Pam got her a cute rocking chair. They have one at their house that Mallory loves so now she has one of her own!

After this, she was off to see what else was going on

She and Liam decided to check the toys out :)

All my helpers, my nieces Kiersi & Kayden, Kegan and Liam

Mallory received so many cute clothes and wonderful gifts! We are truly blessed! After opening gifts, it was birthday cake time!

Getting ready for the cake - she didn't want to wear the mouse ears very long (and they are on backwards in the pic - Ha!)

Where is it? Where is it?

Blowing out the candle - we actually had to sing "Happy Birthday" twice because I didn't have our flip camera out the first time to record it!

She was being such a lady so Dad decided to help her get into it

I think she liked it :)

I wasn't able to get a picture of everybody who came but we did have a household full of family and friends!

Lyndsey, Liam, Mallory and Me - as you can tell, Liam and Mallory were thrilled to have their pictures taken again

Kati, Karlyn, Mallory and Me - sweet friends!

We were so glad Brian's friend Jay and his son Kegan were able to drive up and celebrate with us!

3 generations - Brian, Mallory and Brian's mom - Grandma Marsha\

After the party, Mallory and I went back to my parent's house to see some family that had driven out for Mallory's party.

My Uncle Mark, Mallory and Aunt Sherrie

Mallory and Joyce

The picture below I think somes the whole party up - I love the smiles on both their faces!

I know Mallory will not remember this day but Brian and I will forever! Thank you for celebrating our precious girl on her special day!

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