Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Emmalyn's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday, April 14, we headed to Wichita Falls for my best friend's daughter - Emmalyn's 2nd birthday party. It was Mallory's first road trip and we were happy to get to ride with Cooper and Jill. I was really excited to get to go to Emmalyn's birthday party because I had to miss her first birthday party since I was on bedrest. What a difference a year makes!

On our way, we had to stop to pick up Emmalyn's birthday cake from my sister-in-law's. Emmalyn's birthday party theme was Sesame Street and the cake Melody made, as you can see if the pics below, was so great. She has so much talent - I don't know how she does it! We were so nervous about driving with it the rest of the way to the party but thankfully it made it all in one piece!

On our way with the cake in tow. Mallory did a great job riding on the way down.

Julie did a great job on the decorations and Jill did a great job on the birthday banner

The New Family

This was the best shot I could get of Emmalyn in her cute shirt and tutu. She was so excited it was her birthday, she was barely still for two seconds.

Mallory and the birthday girl

Me and my sweet girl

Emmalyn got a play house for her birthday from her parents so she, Mallory and Julie's mom aka Nonnie played inside of it when we got back to the house.

I think that they would have played in it all day long - well everybody except Nonnie :)

I love my best friend and hope that our daughters will be good friends too.

On the way back, Mallory was not as good a passenger as she was on the way down. For a 45 minute stretch she cried and screamed and I thought she was just exhausted since it was late. I figured she would give it up and go to sleep. She didn't. So, we pulled over at a place in Denton and I got out with her to walk around a little. After that, she got back in the carseat and was fine the rest of the way home.

Mallory's first road trip = down.

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