Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mallory is 11 Months Old!

Mallory is 11 Months Old!


Estimating you weigh somewhere in the low 20's


Estimating around 28 inches


Still hanging in the 3's


Wearing both 12 month and 18 month clothes. 18 month are more comfortable and giving :) Wearing Size 3 Shoe


Not too much has changed on this front. Still taking 3 bottles a day and eating 3 meals with some snacking. We are trying more foods but you only want to eat things that you can eat with your hands. You have no interest in me spoon feeding or even just giving you food. You want to be able to pick it up yourself. You split your first kid's meal last Saturday with Emmalyn. It was so nice not to have to pull something out of your bag. You are just like you mom and dad and love to eat. You do like your green beans and carrots and still love your Cheerios. You like your waffle in the morning and are a big fan of string cheese whenever I give it to you. You always know when it's time to eat to head to the highchair :)


Oh sleeping. You sleep really well, when I'm close lately. I think it's your new room and you're not too sure about it because you were sleeping so much better before we moved and now your always wanting to be by us when you sleep and basically we aren't getting a lot of it. I'm hoping this will soon move back to the good sleeping phase and I know it will. It's a lot of change and you are adjusting to it. You go to bed around 8:30 - 8:45 pm and wake up around 7:00 or 7:30am. You take about an hour nap at 11:00 am and then an hour - hour and a half afternoon nap around 3:30 pm. You're nap schedule has changed and I like it. It works for us and you are happy when you get up!

Other fun things

You crawled on April 5 and haven't looked back. You are everywhere! I thought you were all over the place when you were able to walk the walls and anything you could hold on to but now I look one time and you are in one place and turn around and you are in another! Now that you are more mobile, you hear the word "No" a lot more and have come to know the meaning of it :)

I wouldn't say this is so much fun but I do love having you close. You are definitely going through seperation anxiety and won't go to a lot of people you used to go to anymore. I used to could drop you off at the nursery and you were fine but the last two Sundays you've cried for me when I left and it was hard for me not to cry. I do love that you know me and your daddy and it's sweet but hopefully you'll get back to going to other people without thinking I'm leaving you :/

Your laugh is the cutest sound ever. I know I need to post a video of it on here soon but once you get the the giggles, you make us all laugh because it's just too funny. Hearing you laugh is one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard!

You have two top teeth that have come in. You can't see the top two as much as the bottom two but they are there and you look so cute!

Look at you Grow!

Happy 11 Months Mallory! We Love You!


katebradley said...

She does have the cutest laugh! We love you Mallory!

Lyndsey said...

Happy 11 Months Mallory! I can't wait for your Mommy to get internet again so I hear more about you, haha. But luckily I get to see you in person :)