Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Here

Yep, I'm still here! We spent our first night in our new home Tuesday night and we are loving it. We are thankful to our family who helped us move and now it's just time for me to start organzing. Since we just moved in, we have no internet which is why there are no new blogs. I'm sorry to all my tens of readers :)

I do need to blog about that Mallory is now crawling, Mallory's first Easter, meeting Zoey Jane, and all the other fun things going on and hopefully I can do that sooner than later. Until then, just get an iPhone and follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter :)

I do want to give a special thank you to my Dad. He has helped us do so much! He's painted, cleaned, hung ceiling fans, etc... You name it, he's helped with it. We truly appreciate him!

and...I can't end a blog without pictures:

I was trying to put stuff away in the bathroom and Mallory kept crawling and pulling up on everything and wanting to help out so I put her in my tub to keep her from going anywhere and she loved it!

Brian was fixing our couch and of course, Ms. Curious, had to come see what was going on and decided to help Dad out. I love this picture!

Now, back to getting stuff out of boxes and organizing :)

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