Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3 Years!

Today is Brian & I's 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

I remember our wedding like it was yesterday - it was such a fun day and enjoyed celebrating with all of our family and friends! I am married to my best friend and I love that we love just being with each other. We enjoy just going out to dinner and having a good conversation.

I love you Brian and am so blessed to be your wife!

Here are some of my favorite pics from Our Wedding Day - April 4, 2009

And let's be honest, (this is not new news to Brian) the 2nd best thing I was looking forward to was the chocolate fountain!

What a Fun Day!


Kati said...

Happy Anniversary to our wonderful friends! We remember that day also :) Congrats on 3 YEARS!!!

And just a thought...chocolate fountain at Mallory's b-day?? ;>

Lyndsey said...

Oooooh yes, borrow the one from Samantha's shower!! And hHappy Anniversary!! I just had to mention the chocolate fountain first :)