Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Rock

I think this is one of my new favorite pictures of Mallory:

She loves to rock, either with someone or by herself. We were at my parent's house last night and my Mom brought out the little rocking chair they've had forever and Mallory loved it. It's so neat to see her play and use things that I used to. I love that my Mom kept things like that.

We were at my parent's house because Brian was out of town and we were going to stay with them. Well, my Mom called and said they would keep Mallory if I wanted a night to myself! What?!? Before she even finished asking, I had said Yes :) What did I do? Well I cleaned up, caught up on blogs, tv, pinterest, etc...and was in bed by 9pm and I didn't have to turn the Baby Monitor on. I didn't fall asleep right away but 8 1/2 straight hours of sleep later, I'm a new woman! Thanks Mom & Dad!

And, of course, the child who hasn't been sleeping well at night, slept perfectly through the night at my parent's house. Of Course.


Kati said...

I was going to tweet back after you said they were keeping her that I was jealous! Glad you enjoyed your night off :>

Lyndsey said...

Why do babies always do that??! Whenever I want Will to see what I really go through, Liam is a perfect angel! Silly babies :)

Glad you enjoyed a night to yourself though!