Thursday, February 9, 2012

The First Week & Memory Lane

Finally, time to blog! People have asked how the first week home is and it's been great! Today is actually the first day we will have been at home all day. We've had errands to run and places to go all up until today and I've loved it. I'm trying to find a good routine for us but I know it's the first week so that will come. I've had something every night this week so far so that's kept us busy too. Monday, we ran errands, Tuesday, we went to the library and Wednesday, I went to MOPS.

Lyndsey invited us to the library baby time and Mallory loved it!

And now for memory lane randomness. Today I was cleaning and wanted to go through all of our books and things to see if there were anything and we could get rid of. I ran across these:

My VHS tapes from High School. Too bad we don't have a VCR to watch. I'm sure my bangs would take up the whole screen - they were big and high :)

This is the front page of my Senior Book - proof of the bangs

I smiled when I saw this because I read this book when I was in my mid twenties and 4 of my friends got married in one month so I was busy watching all my friends get married. Brian and I were friends at this time but little did I know he would be my Mr. Right!

Yes, my brother is on the cover of his University's catalog. We all got a copy. It's a keeper.

That's all for this trip down memory lane. Have a great day!

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