Friday, January 13, 2012

Boo Sickness!

Happy Friday to You! Today's blog is brought to you by RSV. Yes, Monday Mallory started coughing and Tuesday I stayed home with her and it didn't get any better. She didn't have a fever, just a bad cough so, Wednesday, we headed to the doctor and got the diagnosis = RSV.

Mallory did not like the doctor this time. Usually she is smiling and will be ok but she did not want to be there. Understandable - who does?

The doctor said that it didn't look bad and that she's seen much worse and told us to let her know if things she started to feel a lot worse.

Even though she had a cough, she felt she could still play with her toys :)

And there is the extra snuggle time

Last night, she didn't sleep well though and it really hasn't gotten any better so I'm hoping that it just gets worse before it gets better as people say. We will see and if not, then we will head back to the doctor again.

It's so hard to see your child not feel good. You just want to take it all away. I wish I could. So our three-day weekend will be at home but I'm grateful for the extra day to have to be with her.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Lyndsey said...

RSV is going around like crazy!! I'm glad she seems to not have it too bad - hopefully it stays that way! Enjoy your snuggle time!

Digital Mom said...

OH BOO BEAR! so so sorry, hope she gets feeling peachy again soon. Enjoy those snuggles...