Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday School Christmas Party

Saturday night, Brian and I headed over to our friends - The Lofland's house, for our Sunday School Christmas Party. I love being able to serve alongside all of these people. We are truly blessed to call them friends.

Will & Lyndsey were great hosts and all of the food that was brought was Amazing!

Lane cutting the turkey he brought - Yummo!

We had so much food, there was a lot leftover

Everyone enjoying their meal

Once we were eating, it was time for presents. We did play the game where you can steal the others gift - thankfully no one was hurt :)

I tried to still a gift from under the Loflands tree but didn't get it :)

Next up, Lyndsey had planned for the girls & boys to play against each other in a couple of games of Minute to Win It.

1st game - you had to stack the cups as high as you could with one hand behind your back. Shey decided to try another way that the usual. When our friends Justin & Melody Ballard got up to play, she had built hers so high, he blew it over because he knew he had lost. It was pretty funny

2nd Game - who could throw and make the most marshmellows into the bucket. Brian and I played this game and he beat me. I admit it. But it was fun playing.

Last but not least, Lyndsey had wrapped a present in a present in a present and you had to open them all to get to the bottom present using a stocking. Jimmie & Amanda Duquette tore up the boxes so fast. I'm interested to see how Christmas morning is in their house :) Thankfully, no stockings were harmed in this game. All in all - Girls Won!

We finished just in time for the Heisman Trophy presentation.

We had a great time and are really grateful for our Church Family!

Merry Christmas Yall!


Josh and Shan said...

So fun!!

Lyndsey said...

What a cute collage!! The party was so fun - cant wait until next year!