Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Weekend in iPhone pics - Nov 18 - 20, 2011

Mallory is 6 Months Old Today!

I admit this is not an iPhone photo but today our little girl is 6 Months Old! We don't have our 6 month visit until late next week so once I get all the stats, I'll do a separate blog post then.

We had a great weekend! It's nice to be home without knowing I'm going somewhere the next weekend. Brian, Mallory and I headed to Firewheel to look for a dress for Mallory and a new top for me because we get our church directory picture made tonight. Gotta love Olan Mills! We decided to eat at Outback and Mallory decided to look at everybody except us all night.

She just had to see what everybody else was doing.

All day Friday, my Mom texted me pictures of our nieces and them at Disney World. This is before they got on the plane for their first plane ride.

They kept telling me how excited they were. And then, they made it here:

I can't even imagine their faces when they saw this. So fun!

Saturday, Brian headed out to play paintball with people in our Sunday School class. I saw a lot of war wounds - don't think I will be joining them anytime soon!

I didn't find anything at Firewheel for Mallory and I so after Brian got back, I headed to find something to wear. I also stopped by Hobby Lobby because I wanted to find a Baby's First Christmas ornament for Mallory. I really wanted to find a round one with that written on it but I didn't see one anywhere. I did get this one but if someone knows I can get one that says Baby's First Christmas and has the year 2011, let me know!

Also on Saturday, Mallory got her first birthday invitation for her friend Karlyn's 1st birthday party! We are so excited!

Sunday morning, we got all dressed and headed to church. Mallory and I both wore purple

And finally, on the way home from church, Mallory usually does something to make us laugh and yesterday, it was that she kept trying to eat her shoe. She usually doesn't wear shoes, just socks and she decided to try and put them in her mouth.

I took the picture from the mirror in Brian's truck. She was just chewing away! Such a lady :)

It was a great weekend and we look forward to this week because of the time off work and getting to be with family and friends!! Hope you have a fantastic week!


Three Calhouns said...

6 months has gone so fast, hasn't it?! She looks adorable!

Kati said...

Happy 6 Months Mallory! I feel like just YESTERDAY we came to visit your little self in the hospital!

Love the purple pic :> and Karlyn likes to turn around and look at people when we eat out too ;) Can't wait for party day!