Friday, October 21, 2011

Mallory is 5 Months Old!

Mallory is 5 Months Old Today!!


Estimating around 15 lbs, 9 oz (5lbs, 12oz at birth)


Estimating around 25 inches (18.75 inches at birth)


Size 2 fit perfectly


A couple of 3-6 outfits still fit, mostly wearing 6 months and I've bought some 6-9 month clothes for the winter


You are eating rice cereal in the evenings. You like it in the beginning and then get over it when you have just a little left. You are eating between 6 - 8 oz from the bottle. You are a hungry, growing girl!


I wish I could say you are sleeping through the night but alas, lately you wake up around 3 or 4am and don't want to go back to sleep or you wake up as soon as I lay you back down. You just want to be held all the time and I'm hoping that we can get you back to sleeping well like you used to. Not sure if it's a growth spurt, teething or what but here's hoping 5 months will make the change back! You still nap well and are so tired when you come home from daycare that you usually take a little evening nap. You have too much fun there you are exhausted when I get you!

Other fun things

You are the blowing bubbles machine! You just love doing it and we love watching you do it. You love to sit up like a big girl. You like to reach for your feet and try to put them in your mouth with you are sitting up and when you are laying on your back. You still love bathtime and love all things about the water. You put your mouth on everything wanting to chew it so I have to watch carefully all you are doing. You smile all the time and it is the prettiest toothless grin I've ever soon!

Look at you Grow! (click photo for better viewing)

And just to think that exactly one year ago today, I saw this:

Happy 5 Months Mallory! We Love You!

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Kati said...

Your daughter looks so pretty in red! Happy 5 months to Miss Mallory! :-)