Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello! I'm here - just busy trying to finish our traveling event season and then when I'm at home, just being at home with my family and enjoying that time as much as possible! Last weekend I was in the lovely city of Sacramento and it was a great event! We had 615 first time decisions to accept Jesus Christ in their heart! Makes all the hard work worth it right there! I really did enjoy Sacramento - it is a neat city if you ever make it up there!

So, now I will play catch-up with my Instagram photos because I know if I don't write it all down, I'll forget it all!

Thursday night, Nicole, Chrissy, Tyler & I headed to Taro's by Mikuni Sushi Restuarant and it was wonderful! I had gone there with a group of people when I went to Sacramento in 2009 and loved it then and made sure to go back when I came back this year. They have fun named sushi rolls and the one I ate was the Marilyn Monroll - it was heavenly!! If you are ever in California, give it a try!

When we got ready to leave to go eat, we walked out of our hotel and saw a protest going on. We are used to having some protesters at our event but luckily they weren't here because of us. They were protesting union labor laws or something like that. All I know is that there were police everywhere and I couldn't help but get a picture. Our hotel did make the news that night also - good times!

I took a picture of this creature Sunday morning as I left. If you are ever in the Sacramento airport, it will be there to greet you as you come to the capital city. Not really sure what the meaning of it is - it's just really big!

I got home to this cutie pie Sunday afternoon and snuggled with her all day. I take Mondays off when I travel so Mallory and I can have some Mommy and Mallory time together. I took this picture because I laid Mallory down in her bouncy seat to watch some Sprout TV while I went to get ready to go run errands. I walked back into the living room and she had pulled herself up to the sitting position. She LOVES to sit up and play with her feet. She was smiling so big when I looked at her! I love seeing her learning new things!

I took this picture yesterday after we got home from work because it finally got cool in Texas (Hallelujah!!!) and this shirt was one of the long sleeved ones she had. It's so true - Mallory smiles so big everytime she sees her daddy. He is super-dad when I'm gone - only 2 more events to go!

Last, but not least - GO RANGERS!!! Game 1 of the World Series starts tonight in St Louis and the Estes family will be cheering loud and proud!!!

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Lyndsey said...

The skinned bunny (at least that's what it looks like to me) totally freaks me out! Why would you hang that in an airport???

I love that picture of Mallory and Brian - there's something about babies and daddies!