Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sick Little Girl

These past couple of days haven't been the easiest in the Estes household. There hasn't been much sleep at all and if it is, one of us is holding Mallory trying to sleep when she finally falls asleep.


Look at that sad face :(

We took Mallory to the doctor yesterday and she said that she has Herpangina - crazy name huh? Thankfully she didn't have a fever or strep throat but she does have a couple of blisters on her tongue and one on her throat. That would hurt me too! I was wondering why she didn't want her pacifier at all and this explains it. I have no idea where she got it because it is viral so she could have picked it up from anybody. I'm just glad we found the root of the problem and can now treat it. How you ask? By mixing baby benadryl & maalox together, putting a little on a q-tip and putting them on the blisters. I just feel so bad for her. Hopefully that will do the trick and hopefully she can rest more.

I started back to work on Monday and I've been a little sleep deprived but thankfully can make it through the day pretty well. I cannot say how completely grateful I am for all of our family. My sister-in-law, Stephanie kept Mallory on Monday and my parents kept her yesterday. She was supposed to go to daycare Tues, Wed & Thurs but I guess she will start next week. Brian's aunt is keeping her Thursday. We seriously do have the best family ever - I can't tell them all thank you enough for their help with Mallory. I know they love to do it because they love her so much too!

Another reason why I love my family so much is the little things they do. Last night, Stephanie dropped by dinner in our fridge so it would be there when we got home. She knew how exhausted we were and said that was one thing we didn't have to worry about.


In the bag in the fridge - the book was in there too - love it!


Nachos - the side with the lettuce is mine. Brian doesn't eat anything green :)


I love the instructions! I'm so tired that who knows if I would have kept it on :)

I would appreciate your prayers as Mallory gets over this sickness. I'm ready for her fun, giggly self to come back. And her sleeping at night self.


Lyndsey said...

Poor thing! That does not sound fun for anyone! Praying that her blisters heal quickly and your household can once again be happy and rested!

Josh and Shan said...

Poor sweet baby! Praying she gets better and ya'll get some sleep!