Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mallory is 2 Months Old!

Mallory, you are 2 months old today! I know I will say this at every monthly update but it's true - I can't believe it! It's been a wonderful, tiring, happy 2 months. We love being your parents!

You had your 2 month check-up today. You had to get your shots but you took them like a champ. You cried when you got them but your daddy picked you up as soon as it was over and you stopped crying. You weigh 11 lbs 3 oz (60th percenitle) and are 21 1/4 inches long (10th percentile). We are thankful that the Dr said everything looked great!

You like to sleep and are sleeping better at night. You usually go to sleep around 10:30pm - 11:00pm, wake up around 3:30 am, eat, and sleep until about 6:30 am - 7:00 am. I don't mind the middle of the night feeding because you usually fall right back to sleep after you eat. You take a little morning nap, eat and play a little and then take a long nap after 12pm. This is when Mom gets most of the laundry, cleaning or napping done :). You take a little late afternoon or evening nap and then you are up until time to go to bed. One minute you like sleeping in your crib and the next you like to just sleep in your rock'n'play. I love it when you fall asleep on my chest - I love that closeness.

You love to eat! Once you get that bottle in your mouth, you go to town. You are eating 4 ounces of formula every 3 to 4 hours. You made the adjustment from breastmilk to formula very well. I was worried the change might affect you but you've just moved right along. Once you get a full tummy you are the most happy girl in the world!

You are so much more alert and notice when Mommy and Daddy walk by or in a room. You are fixated by the fan and are amazed at the light from the TV. You are smiling so much and you coo and smile big when I kiss you around your neck. When your daddy plays with your chin, you give him a big smile too.

You LOVE your tongue. You always stick it out and everybody comments on how much you love it. You are also a Wiggle Worm! You do not like to stay still very long which is ok until it's time to go to bed and it's time to be still. Finally you wind down and go into a deep sleep.

Happy 2 months baby girl! We Love You!


Lyndsey said...

Happy 2 Months pretty girl! Your mama is doing such a great job and you are a cutie patootie!

Kati said...

Mallory you are too sweet and I am itching to get to hold you again! You've changed a lot in a month!

Be good for your mama and SLEEP! :>