Sunday, June 26, 2011

Growing & Changing

Mallory, you are definitley keeping us on our toes and you are most definitely growing! I laugh because I feel that all of our little friends are all going through a growth spurt at the same time so that is all we've been talking about on blogs and in person. Even looking at your birth announcement to now, you look completely different to are changing every day!

Last week was a harder week because you decided to change everything up - so much for routine! You wanted to eat more frequently and take cat naps (not cool). But we are getting back into longer naps so that is good. You are definitley a morning person - you are wide awake after your morning feeding and want to play. I love seeing your smile in the morning!

You've also started sleeping in your crib! This picture is funny to me because you kicked off your cover as soon as I put it on you. Sometimes you like the crib and sometimes you don't but we are getting there. I'm not checking on you as often as I did the first few times you slept in the crib. We've established that we all can here you when it's time to get up :)

And...our friend Karlyn has loaned us her activity mat. We are very thankful because Mallory does like to lay down on it and look at it all. Wimbledon has also been on TV so I've been training her early on how to become a tennis pro!

I'm trying to document all that you do but you are changing so fast! We are both learning from each other! I'm looking forward to seeing all that this week holds!

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Lyndsey said...

It's always nice to know you're not alone when going through something as "fun" as a growth spurt! :) A growing baby means you're doing everything right though so good for you mama!

See y'all tomorrow night!