Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Never Felt So Good

We got to go home today! We thought we were going to be able to go home yesterday, but my Dr came in yesterday morning and told us she wanted to monitor my kidneys one more day, so we stayed again in Hotel Baylor. This morning was a good morning just knowing we were going to be able to leave. We got up, packed our stuff together and got Mallory dressed for her trip home.

She is very content and calm until you unswaddle her - and that's what I had to do to put her dress on and of course, I wanted pictures. I tried to calm her down but she wasn't having it. I think I got 1 or 2 pics of her not screaming but I think she looks so cute in her dress!

Unhappy about this

Yes! a pic of her in her dress not screaming

Now trying to eat her hands because that's what she does

And back to screaming :)

Mallory and I ready to leave

Brian and Mallory ready to go too

Brian got the carseat all ready and Mallory is ready to roll

A little smile - happy to be going home

In her bassinet at home

There's nothing like being at home! Hopefully we will make it through the first night with some sleep while she is sleeping. It's just so nice to put things to use that have been in her room for a while. Let the fun begin!


Lyndsey said...

ok that last picture is PRECIOUS! welcome home little girl!

Josh and Shan said...

Welcome home Mallory! Can't wait to come see you!

Angie said...

Congratulations to both of you. These next few weeks will probably be a blur in years to come but that's okay. Just get through it. The best times are coming.

gay said...

Well I say keep her swaddled if that's what makes her content and happy...but it is fun to see pics of her in all her cute girly clothes. Congrats again.

Becky said...

she is precious - even while screaming! :) I'm so excited for you and hope everything is going well. Please let me know if you need anything. Definitely follow the "when baby sleeps, mommy sleeps" rule. It will make your life SO much better! :) XOXO!