Friday, May 6, 2011


Happy Friday! Another week down! Not a whole lot has been going on in the Estes household but this weekend we will celebrate my cousin's wedding as well as getting to witness our friend's baby's dedication. I've been resting hard to enjoy these two things!

We have made it to 35 weeks! Dr.'s Appt went well yesterday - Mallory still looks good. She weighs in at 5lbs 7oz which makes me happy knowing she is growing well. The longer she stays in, the better! And I'm growing well also :) This week I realized that none of my non-maternity t-shirts fit at all. Sad Moment. I was hanging in there and then I tried on three different shirts and it just wasn't working. But it's all for her and here she is:

Always has her hand by her head

And I got another special treat yesterday - our friend, Andrea, stopped by for a visit and brought this cute and very yummy cookie cake. I loved it! Thank you!

Definitely what I needed to see and eat to keep me going :)

Did I mention that I am really blessed with the sweetest friends? I'm so grateful for you all! Have a wonderful weekend!

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