Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Showered with Love

Saturday afternoon was the shower for Mallory and I thrown by my family and friends. It was a wonderful shower and had a great time! I was so thankful that so many people came out for a couple of hours to celebrate this time - especially it being Easter weekend and Wildflower Trails weekend for all my friends in Hughes Springs. I'm glad we went ahead and had it this weekend though after the Dr just letting us know that it could be sooner than later that Mallory arrives.

The shower was held at my good friend - Nancy Crowell's house in Royse City. I've known Nancy now for a while and she is the sweetest. I appreciate her opening her home for this occasion.

All of the food was AMAZING! And I could have eaten many more cake balls than what I did - my sister-in-law sure can bake!

Close up of the cake - goes along beautifully with the cherry blossom/bird theme.

Me and the cake - strawberry cake on top and white cake on bottom. It was delicious!

Me (the swollen one) and my wonderful hostesses - Stephanie, Pam, Kate, Melody, Julie, Emmalyn (Julie's daughter) and Jill. Thank you all for everything!

I was so excited to have all of the Grable girls there including Brynn. Love them!

Opening all the presents - we were so blessed!

My mom, me and my sister-in-laws. I know I look so flushed in this photo. I was your typical pregnant woman - I was so hot and could not cool down. Hopefully I didn't freeze everybody out by my keeping asking to turn the air down.

And we got home and unloaded it all in the nursery. Brian kept walking in with more and more bags. He was surprised at how much stuff we got in one day!

It was a great afternoon and Brian, Mallory and I are blessed far beyond what we deserve. We have the best friends and family anyone could ask for! Now, to find where to put it all!


Josh and Shan said...

I couldn't believe how much you got! Now we just need a baby!

P.S. I stole the picture of the 5 of us =)

Kati said...

I need to bring Karlyn over to check out all the stuff you got! Looks like a perfect shower :>