Friday, March 4, 2011

What Is Going On?

So, this week I have gotten to experience the fun of the pregnancy hormones. Tears. Coming out of no where. We have dealt with a lot of things this week and some tears are justified, however, a couple of times, I have just been brought to tears and poor Brian does not know what to do with me :)

Today I saw the below commercial and almost lost it. Our daughter isn't even born yet and I'm crying over a day that is far in the future.

Click the picture to see the commercial

This weekend I am looking forward to getting away and RELAXING! Not going to think, worry, or cry over anything and just refresh. Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Josh and Shan said...

Can we go with you?!?!?

Kati said...

Don't worry about it girl :) Cry it's good for you.

I can't remember crying over commercials but I KNOW I went crazy at times over things! Blame it on the hormones. ;> You're doing great!

katebradley said...

I definitely find myself crying over commercials and other ridiculous things all the time. And then Ryan looks at me and I realize I'm maybe a little over emotional and start laughing at myself. Thank goodness for sweet husbands!!!