Friday, March 18, 2011


I'm happy to say that as of today, I am:

I've made it. I'm still got a ways to go but at least in nice to say I am in the last of something. I'm about to complete my first full week of bed rest and so far, I'm doing good. Thankfully, work has kept me pretty busy. I was supposed to be in Florida this weekend so I'm still on call if needed to answer questions, which is nice to still be needed. It's exciting to think that less than 3 months, we will meet out daughter!

Mallory's Auntie (Stephanie) bought her some new clothes the other day. I just had to share them because they are so cute!

I love them all!

I've also been able to survive bed rest because my wonderful family and friends have stopped by to see me so I'm not just talking to myself or talking Brian's ear off when he gets home. Last night, my friend Andrea stopped by with Chick-Fil-A in hand. Nothing better than good food and great conversation!

Andrea will be taking Mallory's newborn photographs. She is an amazing photographer so I cannot wait to see the pictures! Thanks Andrea for stopping by!

That's all for now! Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!

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Lyndsey said...

yay for reaching the 3rd trimester! i think it's a big milestone!

i love that first outfit - anything with bloomers is adorable!